InBeCon GmbH

IRIS Technologies

InBeCon GmbH offers technical and scientific consulting in packaging for optoelectronics and microsystem technology (MST). Service starts with simulation and design for our clients' projects. We use our expertise to show them how to protect their IP and file strong patents. Our company also provides consulting for the production and assembly processes of products, for low- and high-volume production, along with offering technical analysis of a client's competition.

Areas of Expertise

  • Simulation, design, and packaging for MEMS and optoelectronic modules
  • High-power laser modules
  • Packages for optical communication
  • Optical sensors

  • Simulation of multiphysics problems in electronic and optoelectronic packages

  • Optical coupling
  • Power management
  • Mechanical stress

  • Photonics and micro-optics

  • Transmission on optical waveguides
  • Basic RF simulations

  • Consulting about processing and manufacturing for low and high volume production

  • IP consulting and patent management
  • Competitive analysis

Our Experience

Our consulting services are based on more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of optoelectronic modules for various applications. The managing director of InBeCon is the inventor of more than 40 patent families, which are owned by various international companies and have been published in a large number of technical papers.

Address & Contact Information

InBeCon GmbH
Att. Dr. Joerg-R. Kropp
Zittauer Str. 60
12355 Berlin

tel: +49 30 2175 80 74