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The focus of Malagah Creations™ is on research, development, training, and consulting. Research areas include heat transfer modeling and validation, thermal management and design optimization, design of experiments, thermal imaging, and flow optimization. Process improvement (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt), mechanical test management, and operations research are among other specialties.

Areas of Expertise

  • Heat transfer modeling and validation
  • Thermal management and design optimization
  • Design of experiments
  • Thermal imaging
  • Flow optimization
  • Process improvement (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)
  • Mechanical test management

Consultant Contributions

Projects (Principal)

  • Thermal analysis and optimization of laser welding of polymer fibers
  • Thermal management of PRIMOVE and LIM forced air and liquid-cooled systems
  • Optimization of airflow for an HVAC duct
  • Thermal analysis of fire endurance for a train body frame for design optimization
  • Thermal analysis of ultracapacitors
  • Thermal analysis of LED lamps in operation
  • Thermal-stress analysis of LED lamps in manufacturing
  • Modeling airflow in a face mask
  • Laser transmission welding of thermoplastics
  • Heat transfer modeling in a human eyeball
  • Meteorological thermodynamics — numerical modeling of a Skew-T chart


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Address and Contact Information

Dr. Layla S. Mayboudi
Phone: (613) 583-5295