Siegel Schleimer Ingénieurs-conseils s.à r.l.

Siegel Schleimer Ingénieurs-conseils s.à r.l.

Founded in 2010, Siegel Schleimer offers innovative solutions and services to customers in building services, energy efficiency, and simulation and fuel cell technology. Our company, which became the first COMSOL Certified Consultant for the BeNeLux region, helps clients define their problems, create models to solve these issues, and then analyze their simulation results.

Meet Christian Siegel, Dr.-Ing.

Christian Siegel worked at the Center for Fuel Cell Technology (Zentrum für BrennstoffzellenTechnik – ZBT) in Duisburg, Germany, in the field of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell research and development. Having an in-depth experience in experimental and theoretical fuel cell investigations, the following topics relating to fuel cell and fuel cell stacks can potentially be addressed:

  • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Free and porous media flow
  • Integral flow field and cell layout
  • Heat and mass transfer
    • Heating, cooling, and tempering concepts
  • Analysis of structural aspects
  • Localized fluid-structure interactions

Meet Markus Schleimer, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Markus Schleimer has over a decade of experience as an energy consultant and in the design and layout of energy-efficient HVAC systems for small houses, large buildings, and office complexes. With this knowledge, we offer expertise in coupling numerical analysis and engineering applications. Our expertise in building simulations includes the following:

  • Coupling of building energy simulation and computational fluid dynamics
  • Combining simple energy calculations with integral simulations
  • Layout of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling applications (HVAC)
  • Temperature distribution
  • Fluid flow around buildings
  • Air pollution, moisture, and contaminant dispersion
  • Smoke gas distribution

Additional Services

Along with our engineering and consultancy services highlighted above, our team also specializes in solving large-scale finite element problems on our high-performance workstations. Additionally, we may act as a potential partner in research projects relating to our fields of expertise.

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