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Simulation of a four-electrode impedance spectroscopy system and a biological cell in culture medium

Marcel Böttrich, Technische Universität Ilmenau

This is a simulator of a four-electrode impedance spectroscopy (IS) system, and consists of models of four microelectrodes, medium, and a biological cell, in an electrically insulated cell culture well. The model was used to demonstrate the usage of simulations and lead field theory in the design of microelectrode array systems for cell biology applications to detect and assess biological cells using IS. For more information, please, see [1].

Please, cite [1] when reporting any work done with the simulator or with any derived simulator.

[1] Marcel Böttrich, Jarno M. A. Tanskanen, and Jari A. K. Hyttinen, ”Lead field theory provides a powerful tool for designing microelectrode array impedance measurements for biological cell detection and observation,” BioMedical Engineering OnLine, in press.

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