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Thomas Wolowiec Thomas Wolowiec Java with COMSOL output to display window?
21 0 3 weeks ago
Karl Sundermann Karl Sundermann calculation of surface curvature, surface tension
4.2 , CFD , Microfluidics , Fluid Flow , Definitions and operators , Physics
6,773 7 3 weeks ago
Franck Edwad Franck Edwad Heat source as variable time derivative - comsol V5.0
5.0 , Fluid Flow , Heat Transfer
23 0 3 weeks ago
Yerzhan Massalin Yerzhan Massalin Tensegrity structure in comsol
31 0 3 weeks ago
Abu Syed  Sajib Abu Syed Sajib Giving inputs to Bezier Polygon 32 0 3 weeks ago
Sungyeon Yang Sungyeon Yang External Current Density 99 3 3 weeks ago
Saja Nabat Saja Nabat velocity profile
32 0 3 weeks ago
Kexin Wang Kexin Wang The theory about directional coupler
5.2 , RF Module
41 0 3 weeks ago
Deepshikha Bhargava Deepshikha Bhargava How can i change the positon of a imported model in comsol? 77 1 3 weeks ago
Farzad Kheradjoo Farzad Kheradjoo Superimposing 2 Velocity fields For Model inputs in Transport of Diluted Species physics
5.2 , transport of diluted species
83 0 3 weeks ago
Hannes  Pfeifer Hannes Pfeifer COMSOL cannot load MATLAB (on Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7.7)
LiveLink products , 5.0 , MATLAB , 4.4
2,607 14 3 weeks ago
Teresa Abney Teresa Abney Calling a Matlab function from within Comsol
4.1 , LiveLink products
1,679 2 3 weeks ago
Bouregbi Lakhdar Bouregbi Lakhdar laminar flow tank filling outlet? 52 0 4 weeks ago
Sai Phani Kiran Hota Sai Phani Kiran Hota Heat Transfer
5.3 , Heat Transfer , Fluid Flow
65 0 4 weeks ago
Heungson Lee Heungson Lee PML for time-dependent solver in SME doesn't work at all.
1,521 2 4 weeks ago
Samuel Ayinde Samuel Ayinde Please, how can I output global displacement (U) in Comsol? 59 1 4 weeks ago
Yu Zhang Yu Zhang How to apply two solid mechanics interfaces on the same domain? 69 1 4 weeks ago
gezibash gezibash Nonlinear term in the Coefficient Form PDE solver 68 1 4 weeks ago
Jonathan Perez Jonathan Perez hygro swelling 1,595 2 4 weeks ago
Saja Nabat Saja Nabat Fluid Extensional Flow
51 0 4 weeks ago
Pierre Lhéritier Pierre Lhéritier How is compliance tensor calculated in comsol for isotropic materials?
248 3 4 weeks ago
Saebyeok Ahn Saebyeok Ahn Importing data and parameterizing 65 1 4 weeks ago
Ramona De Luca Ramona De Luca PML v4.0
PML , 5.2
1,253 6 4 weeks ago
Justin Mrkva Justin Mrkva Help panel not appearing (fixed)
5.3 , help panel issue
187 2 4 weeks ago
Gabriel Papadatos Gabriel Papadatos Changing the physics applied after time frame 66 1 4 weeks ago

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