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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 87 0 6 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 154 0 2 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Elliot  Carrillo Elliot Carrillo Random spatial distribution of n-numbers of carbon fibers
AC/DC Module
285 2 3 weeks ago
Shay Reboh Shay Reboh Points with random positions and pressure
1,420 1 3 weeks ago
Giovanni Giansiracusa Giovanni Giansiracusa Create 2D spheres of random dimension
random dimension , particle bed , sphere , 5.0 , Structural Mechanics , Geometry , Porous Media
304 1 3 weeks ago
Rameez Ahmad Rameez Ahmad Creating a Random Distribution of Nanowires (Random Geometry Feature and Java scripting)
scripting , loops , nanowires , random geometry , Java , 4.1
3,964 1 3 weeks ago
Roberto Morelli Roberto Morelli Nanotubes of random height
Geometry , 5.2
361 5 3 weeks ago
Siddhant Awasthi Siddhant Awasthi Deformable object inside a fluid flow 29 0 3 weeks ago
Marius Lorvik Marius Lorvik Is there an easy way to create a high number of geometric components with a random roughness component?
photonic crystal , LiveLink for MATLAB , RF Module , Geometry
3,087 8 3 weeks ago
Suraj Kumar Rana Bhat Suraj Kumar Rana Bhat Embedding Beam Inside Solid in Comsol 22 0 3 weeks ago
Vikas Mishra Vikas Mishra Coil group in Electromagnetic interface 29 0 3 weeks ago
Zac Zac How to make Domain Selections on a Mirrored composite geometry? 19 0 3 weeks ago
燕祎 徐 燕祎 徐 circularly! how to insert the result of first step into second result circularly. 29 0 3 weeks ago
Levon Mirzoyan Levon Mirzoyan PN optical modulator
Physics , Solving , Application Builder , 5.2 , Mesh , Results and visualization , CFD , AC/DC Module , Batteries , Acoustics Module , Structural Mechanics , RF Module
628 1 3 weeks ago
Rock Rock RFID antenna simulation questions 25 0 3 weeks ago
Sebastiaan Klaasse Sebastiaan Klaasse Solid into solid reaction
4.4 , Chemical Reaction Engineering
459 1 3 weeks ago
Susant  Patra Susant Patra circular variable dependency detected
5.0 , CFD , Fluid Flow
1,718 4 3 weeks ago
Blanca Gonzalez Blanca Gonzalez Three-phase flow simulation: doubts about M0, interfacial thickness and simulation time 31 0 3 weeks ago
Min Liu Min Liu why do we have to add a dynamic viscosity to a type of solid material
Materials and functions , Physics , 5.1
1,680 4 3 weeks ago
Christian Niclaas Saggau Christian Niclaas Saggau Electric field component as Er,Ephi,Ea instead of Ex,Ey,Ez 66 2 3 weeks ago
Akbar Samadi Akbar Samadi Having a problem with the use of Stationary Free Surface Feature to simulate an active Micor-Mixer 37 0 3 weeks ago
Wajid Ali Wajid Ali How to apply constant/uniform magnetic field (1.5 T) parallel to the propagation of light. 23 0 3 weeks ago
Tianyu Yang Tianyu Yang will work planes affect the heat conduction? 24 1 3 weeks ago
Antonino Amoddeo Antonino Amoddeo Circular variable dependency detected in Moving mesh 34 0 3 weeks ago
Sachin Pandure Sachin Pandure Error occuring while uploding Comsol file in discussion forum
4.4 , RF Module
457 4 3 weeks ago
Mack Mack Meshing 35 0 3 weeks ago
Harsimran  Singh Harsimran Singh Micro cantilever 17 0 3 weeks ago

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