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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 66 0 3 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 148 0 2 weeks ago
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Farid Khalvati Farid Khalvati radiation intensity boundary condition 18 0 4 days ago
Ashutosh Lad Ashutosh Lad Simulation of Capacitor deionization 27 0 4 days ago
Raffaele.Capuano.DLR Raffaele.Capuano.DLR Incident intensity boundary condition (Radiation in participating media).
Radiation in Participating Media , incident intensity , Heat Transfer , CFD
654 1 4 days ago
Quang Tan Nguyen Quang Tan Nguyen Triboelectric Simulation 21 0 4 days ago
Josephine Mortensen Josephine Mortensen Shape coefficient / Form factor 33 1 4 days ago
Jalu Naradi Jalu Naradi [ht] switch on/off the outflow boundary condition as a time function 101 6 4 days ago
Madhura Gurjar Madhura Gurjar MHD
4.4 , Physics , CFD , Fluid Flow , AC/DC Module
573 3 5 days ago
Joaquin Garcia Joaquin Garcia Reuse Deformed Configurations (Meshes) cyclically 22 0 5 days ago
Philip Croné Philip Croné CFD: Inlet BC and problem with undefined variable 27 0 5 days ago
David Montilla David Montilla Heat Transfer in a solid with a control volumen 26 0 5 days ago
Dominique Dominique Animation Scale Factor
4.1 , Structural Mechanics , Results and visualization , 5.2a
5,813 8 6 days ago
Shervin Foroughi Shervin Foroughi Assign two different particles to One Inlet 15 0 7 days ago
Rupesh Kumar Mahendran Rupesh Kumar Mahendran Simulation of oxygen uptake in hemoglobin 43 1 7 days ago
Nihal Acharya Nihal Acharya Simulation of dendrite microstructure growth by solidification using Phase Field Modeling
mathematics module , 5.2
721 4 7 days ago
Deepshikha Bhargava Deepshikha Bhargava What is mesh convergence? 90 2 7 days ago
Prof. Rogerio Prof. Rogerio Local Nusselt number for steady simulation 21 0 7 days ago
Roberto Fernandez Roberto Fernandez Why I can't create the mesh? 54 1 7 days ago
James James Converting 2D shear stress and motion to 3D? 16 0 7 days ago
Sean Lundin Sean Lundin Reaction stoichiometry calculation issue 11 0 7 days ago
Thomas Bender Thomas Bender Time-Dependent Modal with short initial impulse
5.0 , Solving , Structural Mechanics
2,215 16 1 week ago
Arman Ameen Arman Ameen Climate file 18 1 1 week ago
Emmanuel Centeno Emmanuel Centeno How to couple stabilized diffusion Equation with RF module ? 23 0 1 week ago
T Purushotham T Purushotham Rotating valve-Mitral valve Simulation 31 0 1 week ago
Jiuan Wei Jiuan Wei Can I pause the calculation and check the intermediate result?
5.2 , 5.2a
6,069 16 1 week ago
Amir Dehghani Amir Dehghani Residence time distribution 14 0 1 week ago

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