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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 87 0 6 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 154 0 2 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Rupesh Kumar Mahendran Rupesh Kumar Mahendran Simulation of oxygen uptake in hemoglobin 46 1 1 week ago
Nihal Acharya Nihal Acharya Simulation of dendrite microstructure growth by solidification using Phase Field Modeling
mathematics module , 5.2
723 4 1 week ago
Deepshikha Bhargava Deepshikha Bhargava What is mesh convergence? 90 2 1 week ago
Prof. Rogerio Prof. Rogerio Local Nusselt number for steady simulation 21 0 1 week ago
Roberto Fernandez Roberto Fernandez Why I can't create the mesh? 54 1 1 week ago
James James Converting 2D shear stress and motion to 3D? 16 0 1 week ago
Sean Lundin Sean Lundin Reaction stoichiometry calculation issue 11 0 1 week ago
Thomas Bender Thomas Bender Time-Dependent Modal with short initial impulse
5.0 , Solving , Structural Mechanics
2,217 16 1 week ago
Arman Ameen Arman Ameen Climate file 18 1 1 week ago
Emmanuel Centeno Emmanuel Centeno How to couple stabilized diffusion Equation with RF module ? 23 0 1 week ago
T Purushotham T Purushotham Rotating valve-Mitral valve Simulation 33 0 1 week ago
Jiuan Wei Jiuan Wei Can I pause the calculation and check the intermediate result?
5.2 , 5.2a
6,114 16 1 week ago
Amir Dehghani Amir Dehghani Residence time distribution 14 0 1 week ago
Stone Hudson Stone Hudson Dipole moment in Particle interaction Using particle tracing 17 0 1 week ago
T Purushotham T Purushotham I am getting the non linear convergence occur 18 0 1 week ago
Rajib MD Rajib MD How to solve the problem"Attempt to evaluate non-integral power of negative number. Function: ^"
4.4 , Materials and functions , Heat Transfer , Physics
2,970 2 2 weeks ago
Hamim Mahmud Rivy Hamim Mahmud Rivy Angle of polarization for scattering boundary condition in a 3D model 24 0 2 weeks ago
Chloe Yang Chloe Yang Hydrodynamic focusing model appears to have excessive diffusion 76 0 2 weeks ago
Kostolaney Wang Kostolaney Wang [Ray Optics Modules] - How to release rays in Gaussian Distribution from a surface or grids 25 0 2 weeks ago
Gioia Nistico' Gioia Nistico' Attraction force between magnets 21 0 2 weeks ago
Josephine Mortensen Josephine Mortensen Different boundary temperatures 64 2 2 weeks ago
Robin Egberts Robin Egberts Add single parameter value to existing parameter sweep 19 0 2 weeks ago
Sumeet Kumar Sumeet Kumar convergence issues in cojugate heat transfer problem
Mesh , AC/DC Module , Heat Transfer , Solving
6,564 9 2 weeks ago
Bernard Ouma Bernard Ouma Shear Piezos 32 1 2 weeks ago
Lucio Cruz Lucio Cruz Simulation with a very high Peclet Number
very high Peclet Number , 4.2 , Earth Science Module , Solving
2,004 2 2 weeks ago

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