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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 87 0 6 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 154 0 2 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Oana C Oana C Heat transfer Convective Cooling 33 0 2 weeks ago
Srinjoy Maiti Srinjoy Maiti Background Doping in silicon 26 0 2 weeks ago
Felix Langfeldt Felix Langfeldt Load cases in Frequency Domain study 39 1 2 weeks ago
Amin Nouri Amin Nouri Volume average in a sub-element 31 0 2 weeks ago
Loïc Prince Loïc Prince Problem meshing the geometry: intersecting mesh elements 25 0 2 weeks ago
Alex Benken Alex Benken AC analysis of Inductor 30 0 2 weeks ago
Melvin Paul Melvin Paul Mixing two different fluids in fluid flow
4.1 , Microfluidics , Fluid Flow , MEMS , 5.2
5,634 9 2 weeks ago
Jordan  Dargert Jordan Dargert Making new plots(?) 49 1 2 weeks ago
Thomas Wolowiec Thomas Wolowiec Extracting Length of Boundary 37 2 2 weeks ago
Castro Jamal Castro Jamal Hello~~ I encounter some problems when modeling corona wind
4.4 , Fluid Flow , AC/DC Module , Plasma Module
666 1 2 weeks ago
Kristov George Kristov George Ionic Wind Modeling 20 0 2 weeks ago
Art Bauer Art Bauer Use 3D Surface (Imported) for Cut Plot 24 1 2 weeks ago
Jun ho Lee Jun ho Lee What should I use a module for vaporizing simulation to know volume change of liquid to gas? 18 0 2 weeks ago
Krzysztof Dera Krzysztof Dera Design 3 phases PMSM 21 0 2 weeks ago
Asad Nauman Asad Nauman How to calculate potential difference between two triboelectric surfaces 31 0 2 weeks ago
Nico T Nico T Navier Stokes equation with periodic boundary?
Navier-Stokes , Physics
13,429 7 2 weeks ago
Ariful Haque Ariful Haque Solar cell designing
PIN solar cell , Performance parameter of solar cells , 5.1
651 2 2 weeks ago
Neetesh Yadav Neetesh Yadav Undefined value found in the equation residual vector. 146 1 2 weeks ago
Vivek Saini Vivek Saini what is value of "relative permittivity" for gold (au) and aluminum (al) ???
4.3b , COMSOL 4.2
28,245 11 2 weeks ago
Jesse Fine Jesse Fine Simulating an Electric field with water and silicon nitride? 40 0 2 weeks ago
Thibaut Meurisse Thibaut Meurisse Time simulation with limited number of periods 131 4 2 weeks ago
Faris Sweidan Faris Sweidan Thermal Expansion Distribution in Composites 31 0 2 weeks ago
Matti Matti How to simulate piezoelectric sens signal 32 0 2 weeks ago
Anderson Li Anderson Li Roughness surface sliding damage 42 0 2 weeks ago
Shirley Long Shirley Long Problems with water saturation 43 0 2 weeks ago

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