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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 87 0 6 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 154 0 2 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Nathan Philpott Nathan Philpott Negative electric potential with linearized resistivity 46 0 2 weeks ago
Doan Nguyen Doan Nguyen Define hoop stress 38 0 2 weeks ago
Wending Mai Wending Mai Is there any reference for Electromagnetic Waves, Time Explicit (ewte) interface? 44 0 2 weeks ago
Christian Dahl-Petersen Christian Dahl-Petersen Gradually change material parameter(s) as a function of the domain position 48 1 2 weeks ago
Kristian Tølbøl Sørensen Kristian Tølbøl Sørensen Problem: Oil Droplets Seem To Dissolve In Water (Two-Phase Flow, Level Set)
5.1 , 4.3a , 4.3 , Oil , Two Phase , focusing , hydrodynamic , droplet , level set , 4.2 , CFD , Microfluidics , Fluid Flow , Physics
13,246 17 2 weeks ago
Behzad Sardari Behzad Sardari Diffraction Grating 40 0 2 weeks ago
Yusuf Bismilla Yusuf Bismilla Parametric Cutlines and Exporting of Data
AC/DC Module , 4.3a
4,137 13 2 weeks ago
Valeria Palomba Valeria Palomba Coupling of chemical reaction and heat transfer 98 2 2 weeks ago
Anderson Li Anderson Li Add apertures to parallel smooth surface 38 0 2 weeks ago
Rohamiani Seif Rohamiani Seif problem: in three phase flow, phase field module, immiscible materials mixed to each other 46 0 2 weeks ago
Raja Ganesan Raja Ganesan How to create model for pacemaker lead cable in COMSOL 41 0 2 weeks ago
Marc Serra Marc Serra Simulation of Van der Waals forces using Comsol v4.3
4.3a , Structural Mechanics , MEMS
1,825 4 2 weeks ago
Erhamah Alsuwaidi Erhamah Alsuwaidi Concentric Pipes flow 94 2 2 weeks ago
Tao Zheng Tao Zheng how to define an annulus heat source? 23 0 2 weeks ago
Moutusi De Moutusi De mass matrix is zero error 46 0 2 weeks ago
Hiroki Ikegami Hiroki Ikegami Capacitance matrix varies as you change the voltage 139 8 2 weeks ago
Najib Alia Najib Alia Optimization of Young Modulus in a Fluid-Structure Interaction 56 0 2 weeks ago
Payel Sen Payel Sen Moving mesh with automatic remeshing 154 9 2 weeks ago
James James Definite integrals based upon user-defined variables or functions 61 1 2 weeks ago
跃强 胡 跃强 胡 why there is no definite integral operator in comsol?
definite integral
321 5 2 weeks ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 154 0 2 weeks ago
Hamid Shahrouzi Hamid Shahrouzi Dimension check in Sound wave equation - Coupling Acoustic with Structural Mechanics 71 1 2 weeks ago
Asutosh Asutosh Axial fan CFD simulation 81 0 2 weeks ago
Kevin Jiguet-Covex Kevin Jiguet-Covex interpolation functions 101 2 2 weeks ago
Philip Van Stockum Philip Van Stockum Thermal stress with contact pairs 67 1 2 weeks ago

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