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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 87 0 6 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 154 0 2 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Louis Haeberle Louis Haeberle Incorrect capacitance matrix
5.2a , AC/DC Module , electrostatics
434 10 2 weeks ago
Xing Zhang Xing Zhang laser heating (wafer example, temperature decrease in advance with step function) 46 0 2 weeks ago
Hiroki Ikegami Hiroki Ikegami In correct capacitance matrix with positive elements on non diagonal part. 32 0 3 weeks ago
Sourayon Chanda Sourayon Chanda More details about COMSOL 60 0 3 weeks ago
Paul Coman Paul Coman How to draw a 3D bended wire in COMSOL? 100 3 3 weeks ago
Moutusi De Moutusi De light launch and mode analysis 50 0 3 weeks ago
Cindy Duong Cindy Duong shear stress in microchannel
4.2 , Fluid Flow , Results and visualization
3,475 8 3 weeks ago
Koohee Han Koohee Han Electroosmotic flow around a particle 56 0 3 weeks ago
James James Use of spatial integrals in global equations? 55 0 3 weeks ago
hippy hippy Pipe (simple symmetry) results don't match!? 42 0 3 weeks ago
Antoni Artinov Antoni Artinov remove material history/set element's strain to zero 36 0 3 weeks ago
Saravanakumar D Saravanakumar D Help to find user manual 5.2a 35 1 3 weeks ago
uday uday Element killing during laser melting
4.2 , 4.1 , Structural Mechanics , Materials and functions , Heat Transfer , Physics , Mesh , 4.4
3,121 7 3 weeks ago
Olayinka Olawale Olayinka Olawale laminar heat transfer flow of fluid in elliptic and circular pipe 29 0 3 weeks ago
Raonaq Islam Raonaq Islam Calculation of effective material loss (alpha-eff)
4.2 , Solving
658 1 3 weeks ago
Ulf Zimmermann Ulf Zimmermann Material domain changes duringe parameter sweep
Structural Mechanics , 5.2
301 2 3 weeks ago
Christopher Hein Christopher Hein Swirl flow option for the Fan boundary condition 22 0 3 weeks ago
Simon Lussan Simon Lussan Failed to load interpolation function/ Cell model 28 0 3 weeks ago
Madhusudan Mishra Madhusudan Mishra Doing a sequential study 23 0 3 weeks ago
Raphael L Raphael L Load direction along time 20 0 3 weeks ago
Joshua Biggs Joshua Biggs Moving Mesh with Solid Mechanics and Electrostatics
Physics , Solving , AC/DC Module , MEMS , Structural Mechanics
1,055 4 3 weeks ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Predefined Iterative Solver Suggestions 42 1 3 weeks ago
Chase Cox Chase Cox Specifying a rotating boundary condition
4.2 , CFD , Fluid Flow , Physics
8,031 12 3 weeks ago
jQ jQ Calculate magnetic flux of an area and show magnetic field intensity along a line 35 0 3 weeks ago
建刚 孙 建刚 孙 “Undefined value found” errors in semiconductor simulation 21 0 3 weeks ago

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