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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 Update 2 87 0 6 days ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2017 - Submit your abstracts by *June 30th* 154 0 2 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Yu Zhang Yu Zhang Random function to create random properties within a 2D Geometry 25 0 3 weeks ago
Alireza Rezaee Alireza Rezaee Modeling melting of a solid sphere Ice with the effect of gravity 29 0 3 weeks ago
Juntao Dong Juntao Dong Need help for microfluidic device simulation with high surface charge 25 0 3 weeks ago
Daan Kok Daan Kok Darcy law for mixture of gasses 30 0 3 weeks ago
Zdeno Zitny Zdeno Zitny Pleasse help me.
4.3a , AC/DC Module , Physics
927 5 3 weeks ago
Dmitry Lazutkin Dmitry Lazutkin Issues of stranded conductors modelling 7,973 4 3 weeks ago
Tim Tilford Tim Tilford Current and Voltage in DC module 31 0 3 weeks ago
Vitaly Khaykin Vitaly Khaykin Plotting temperature for plasma model 24 0 3 weeks ago
Siqi Chen Siqi Chen Can I simulate thin metal film's optical effects in ewfd module? 63 1 3 weeks ago
Aladin Muha Aladin Muha HDPE radiolysis 23 0 3 weeks ago
Atilla Savas Atilla Savas How to give temperature dependent gas properties?
5.2 , Heat Transfer , CFD
1,801 4 3 weeks ago
Mike Duffy Mike Duffy Change Parameters during study 33 0 3 weeks ago
Jijo Thomas Jijo Thomas showing the error circular variable dependency
Porous Media
1,030 3 3 weeks ago
Paul Coman Paul Coman Matrix has zero on diagonal - Calculating inductance using AC/DC module 90 2 3 weeks ago
Destiny Gao Destiny Gao photoacoustic wave generation from materials with different elastic modulus 28 0 3 weeks ago
Sung Yul Chu Sung Yul Chu How to draw multi axis-symmetric coils 109 5 3 weeks ago
Afshin Abrishamkar Afshin Abrishamkar Possibility to import a 2D CAD file to COMSOL?
LiveLink products , 4.4
3,734 8 3 weeks ago
Mike Castellani Mike Castellani 1D heat model question, time dependent 53 1 3 weeks ago
Aaron Jankelow Aaron Jankelow Modeling change in impedance as a particle flows past electrodes? 41 1 3 weeks ago
Jean-Pierre Matan Jean-Pierre Matan endlessly assembling matrices in transient solver
3.5a , RF Module
4,170 6 3 weeks ago
Sung Yul Chu Sung Yul Chu 3D two solenoid coil self inductance and mutual inductance 49 0 3 weeks ago
Rishad Arfin Rishad Arfin Reflection Problem in Time Domain Simulation 30 0 3 weeks ago
Aladin Muha Aladin Muha Dehydrogenation 40 0 3 weeks ago
Rayudu Nithin Rayudu Nithin Hi
4.3a , 4.3b , 4.4 , LiveLink products
1,012 6 3 weeks ago
Shailesh Konda Shailesh Konda Model of multiple spheres in a cube
Geometry , 4.4
861 3 3 weeks ago

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