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Duangrudee Chutrakul Duangrudee Chutrakul electrohydrodynamics 65 1 3 weeks ago
Ngo Dinh Nhan Ngo Dinh Nhan How to set Boundary Condition as PDE in COMSOL
4.3b , AC/DC Module
38 0 3 weeks ago
Ahmed Jarboui Ahmed Jarboui Fick's diffusion 76 1 3 weeks ago
Deepshikha Bhargava Deepshikha Bhargava How to find volume maximum value of a boundary? 69 2 3 weeks ago
Afshin Abrishamkar Afshin Abrishamkar Possibility to import a 2D CAD file to COMSOL?
LiveLink products , 4.4
4,009 9 3 weeks ago
Bdhaifi Elmuzzammel Bdhaifi Elmuzzammel How to find gradient of temperature in 3D thermoelectric geometry ? 103 1 3 weeks ago
Roshid Rodrigo Roshid Rodrigo Migration of species
5.3 , Chemical Reaction Engineering
32 0 3 weeks ago
Anderson Valencia Anderson Valencia Function c_lm (Lagrange multiplier)
mass transfer , 5.2a
140 1 3 weeks ago
Naser Imran Hossain Naser Imran Hossain Livelink/Import 2D Drawings from Solid Works
4.3 , Geometry
1,204 2 3 weeks ago
Tonglei Cheng Tonglei Cheng How to calculate the acoustic modes by COMSOL??? 1,740 1 3 weeks ago
Yu Zhang Yu Zhang An unconventional stress field prescribed by another physical interface
solid mechanics , mapping , boundary condition , stress field
36 0 3 weeks ago
Fatima Almarshad Fatima Almarshad iso2mesh to comsol 48 1 3 weeks ago
K_Patel K_Patel How to retain selections from 3D domains onto it's 2D cross-section ?
5.3 , Geometry , Physics
30 0 3 weeks ago
Joo-Youp Lee Joo-Youp Lee Parameter estimation
Solving , 5.2
2,352 6 3 weeks ago
Louis Haeberle Louis Haeberle Modeling Radiation Losses From Pinhole in RF Cavity 83 2 3 weeks ago
Abhay Singh Abhay Singh duplicate variable error 33 0 3 weeks ago
Dermy Rodrigo Dermy Rodrigo How to vary the initial concentration along the depth of a solute
5.3 , Chemical Reaction Engineering
36 0 3 weeks ago
尚 良超 尚 良超 the difference between "fluid-structure interaction ,fixed geometry" & "fluid-structure interaction (fsi)"
38 0 3 weeks ago
Ashok Sharma Ashok Sharma How to Simulate Material Removal in Laser heating
5.3 , Heat Transfer
29 0 3 weeks ago
Hamdi Fakhreddine Hamdi Fakhreddine Mesh generaton is too slow
5.2 , Mesh
38 0 3 weeks ago
Jasper N Jasper N negative concentration at surface 158 12 3 weeks ago
Albert Roflingson Albert Roflingson Phase Change in Small 2-D Pores
Structural Mechanics , Heat Transfer , Porous Media , Fluid Flow , 5.3
35 0 3 weeks ago
Ngo Dinh Nhan Ngo Dinh Nhan Set Boundary condition in AC- COMSOL
4.3b , AC/DC Module
29 0 3 weeks ago
Adarsh Vasista Adarsh Vasista Simulating vortex beams
Vortex beams , propagation , RF Module
32 0 3 weeks ago
Mehdi Attar Mehdi Attar Moving mesh ALE
5.2 , AC/DC Module
63 0 3 weeks ago

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