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Active Discussions - Chemical Reaction Engineering

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Stefano Firpi Stefano Firpi CUDA and COMSOL
gpu , CUDA , Solving , 5.3
12,434 6 3 weeks ago
Wan  Hasbullah Wan Hasbullah Errors in Electromechanical copuling with Nernst-Planck equation
identity mapping , Nernst-Planck , Solving , Materials and functions , Structural Mechanics , MEMS , Chemical Reaction Engineering , 4.3
611 1 2 months ago
Sebastiaan Klaasse Sebastiaan Klaasse Solid into solid reaction
4.4 , Chemical Reaction Engineering
508 1 2 months ago
Reza Ansari Shirvan Reza Ansari Shirvan Showing convergence plots during a simulation in batch mode 452 0 4 months ago
Miriam Vogt Miriam Vogt error when coupling reactive flow and heat transfer 1,738 5 4 months ago
Robert  Watson Robert Watson Premixed Combustion with an ignition source 386 0 4 months ago
Jessica Clare Jessica Clare error while solving.. 184 1 4 months ago
Kaushik Prasad Kaushik Prasad Boundary condition at the membrane-electrode interface 213 1 4 months ago
Damien de Courten Damien de Courten parametric sweep study depending on a parametric sweep study 880 1 5 months ago
Omar Saaed Omar Saaed 2D, in form of dimensionless . 236 0 5 months ago
Viraj Sabane Viraj Sabane Two phase Liquid Liquid extraction 349 0 5 months ago
Stefan Eidelloth Stefan Eidelloth Undefined value found
Mesh , Solving , Chemical Reaction Engineering , 4.3b
37,907 15 5 months ago
Robert  Watson Robert Watson Methane/Air Combustion 258 2 5 months ago
Harald Hoffner Harald Hoffner Chemical conversion 270 0 5 months ago
Nurlan Shaimerdenov Nurlan Shaimerdenov Failed to find consistent initial values 740 1 5 months ago
Federico Giai Pron Federico Giai Pron Two Phase Transport PEMFC 416 0 6 months ago
Xin Wu Xin Wu Moving boundary problem in the pitting corrosion of multigrain 144 2 6 months ago
Joe Vallino Joe Vallino Internal boundary conditions for diffusion equation 15,869 10 6 months ago
Luigi Candido Luigi Candido Transport in multimaterial geometry 240 0 6 months ago
Amiour Nesrine Amiour Nesrine the Laplacian electric field 326 0 6 months ago
Joseph Watkins Joseph Watkins How to create a No Flux Boundary condition for one of two chemical species 487 1 6 months ago
David King David King Reactions with non-integer exponents 210 1 6 months ago
Chaoao Shi Chaoao Shi Cyclical calculation of fluid flow 100 0 7 months ago
Liam Hartley Liam Hartley Diffusion Coefficient calculation in material properties 306 0 7 months ago
Russel Sevilla Russel Sevilla Euler-Euler Model 383 0 7 months ago

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