Reuse Deformed Configurations (Meshes) cyclically

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Joaquin Garcia

Joaquin Garcia

June 18, 2017 4:48pm UTC

Reuse Deformed Configurations (Meshes) cyclically

I'm currently working on a model of a Stirling Gamma-type engine, which has a displacer, this is, a moving part in a fluid, slightly separated from the wall. I mention this because it's the most problematic part of the model, and finally I found the best solution defining the moving walls in the fluid physics part and then Prescribed Deformation + Prescribed Mesh Displacement as a Moving Mesh (ale), which is the only way that I don't find a not-moving blank space in the fluid where I had originally set the displacer.

After defining everything like this, the mesh still hardly adapts to the movement, so the way I found to make it work is using Automatic Remeshing in the solver, with perfect results for a short simulation time. The problem is that for a long simulation, which I need to find pressure and temperature stability, it keeps creating more and more Deformed Configurations with new meshes, consuming all my computing resources and freezing.

As long as the movement of the whole thing is cyclic, I would only need the first few meshes completing a cycle and then reuse them for each cycle. Is there any way to make this? Does anyone know a better solution for my problem? I've tried with a study step for each mesh, but I still haven't found the way to match everything and get it working.

Thanks for your time.

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