Export streamline from COMSOL

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Rajib Das

Rajib Das

June 19, 2017 1:41am UTC

Export streamline from COMSOL

I am trying to export streamline from comsol. I have exported the data from COMSOL, now trying to plot the streamline at MATLAB with this data. But it is not working. Can anyone help? And is possible to do this using Origin plotting software?

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Lars Gregersen

Lars Gregersen
COMSOL Employee

June 19, 2017 9:33am UTC in response to Rajib Das

Re: Export streamline from COMSOL

Hi Rajib

You could use LiveLink for Matlab and simply do:

pd = mphplot(model, 'pg1')

Then you'll have all the data that makes up the plot in the pd structure and you later recreate the plot using


and you don't have to fiddle with any exported data files.

Lars Gregersen
Comsol Denmark

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