Triboelectric Simulation

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Quang Tan Nguyen

Quang Tan Nguyen

June 19, 2017 8:09am UTC

Triboelectric Simulation

Dear Mrs., Mr.,
I am student in Mechatronic Engeneering Departement. Actually, I have a small project whom concern the Triboelectric Effect and I want to try to simulate this effect by using COMSOL.
If you have some experience for this case, can you give me some advice, please?

The case: I have 2 materials A and B, when A slide/contact B, triboelectric effect accept to give a voltage and a current between 2 electrodes
Known: Surface charge density [C/m2], surface power density [W/m2], surface current density [A/m2]
Unknown: voltage/current output when 2 materials contact and separate, or slide.

Please help me, thank you so much,

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