How to add points on a sphere?

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Gerardo Felix

Gerardo Felix

December 30, 2013 2:45am UTC

How to add points on a sphere?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build a geometry consisting of a sphere with nearly 500 point sources (using the Point Mass Source in the Transport of Diluted Species physics) located in the surface of the sphere. I need the point sources to be located in specific x,y,z coordinates (which I generate using an algorithm outside COMSOL). I am wondering if it is possible to add these points to a sphere geometry by giving its coordinates.

In summary, is it possible to create first an sphere, and then to add all the points such as edges and faces are then created on the sphere?

I know that the geometry can be created in a CAD program and then import it, but I need to create the geometry in COMSOL because I want to use the layer functionality in the geometry.

Thanks for your help.

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