Acoustic/Structure Multiphysics in Vaccums

Hello, First time posting here so please be nice! I have looked at previous posts, and skimmed the COMSOL manual but haven't managed to find the answer to my question.

When modelling a rigid scattering object in an acoustic field, I am aware you can simply subtract the volume of your scatterer from the your external fluid (as is done in the scattering tutorial); so effecively COMSOL is treating the boundary between a fluid domain and a 'non-fluid' domain as a rigid boundary.

Is the same true with the structural modelling? For example, I have a model of a hollow cylinder in an external fluid of air, excited by a structural force. I want to compare this to the same cylinder and excitation, but in a vaccum. Can I simply remove the air domain, and COMSOL will therefore assume that the cylinder is invacuo?

Thanks in advance for your help, Charlie


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