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Simulation of a Shape Memory Alloy wire in COMSOL.

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HI, I am S.Naveenkumar, I am Simulating the Shape Memory Effect for Wire in COMSOL. But The Solution is not Converging for my Applied condition. Can You Please help me in this problem.

I used Austenite Modulus=55 GPa Martensite Modulus=56 GPa

Reference temperature=318 Ms=245 Mf=230 As=270 Af=280 Cm,Ca=7.4e6 Maximum Transformation Strain=0.056

The Dimension of the wire as an diameter of 0.015mm and a length of 120mm. I consider one end of the wire is fixed by Fixed Constraint and the other end of the wire is applied by a Boundary Load of 300[MPa]*int1

the interpolation 1 has t f(t) 0 1 1 1 2 0

I applied the Temperature by means of Interpolation 2 t f(t) 2 260 3 300 If I run the problem, it shows error as Failed to find a solution for all parameters, even when using the minimum parameter setup, No convergence, even when using the minimum damping factor There was an error message from the linear solver, The relative error(4.4) is greater than the relative tolerance. Returned solution is not converged. So, Please me help in these Problem. Also If you Simulated the Shape Memory Effect for a wire, please send me to my mail.

E-mail : sudhanaveen9@gmail.com

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Hello Naveen kumar

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