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fir,fir if Number of all possible eigenvalues, 3D graph from 2D slices

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Due to rf exampe about step index fiber.

1) how to script situation when number of eigenvalues is not known and i need to find all possible eigenvalues for different wavelengths.
I.e. SIF are single mode at certain wavelength, at other wavelengths more modes appear.
I need to find and to save possible eigenvalues at certain wavelengths.
I was able to find only first eigenvalue in *.mat file, but there is 1-36, depending on wavelength.

the "if" in "for" do not work. The code below gives fatal error.

for ind=1:length(lambn),

for i=1:length(fem.sol.lambda),
if (i==1, neffs1(ind1)=real( fem.sol.lambda(1)*lambn(ind)*1e-3/(2*3.14), 0 );
if (i==1, ind1=ind1+1, 0 );
if (i==2, neffs2(ind2)=real( fem.sol.lambda(2)*lambn(ind)*1e-3/(2*3.14), 0 );
if (i==2, ind2=ind2+1, 0 );


If lines which contains "if" are commented, the script works.
I need to save all possible eigenvalues from each iteration.
ind1 and ind2 were initialized =1
ind comes from outer "for", looping through wavelengths

3) Is it possible to made 3D graph from 2D slices.


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