Peeling Test

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Hello all,

I want to compare my experimental data with the simulation in COMSOL, so I used the Cohesive model as reference. However, it produces error and fails to find a solution.

Overall Setup: * 3D Model

  • 2 layers(first layer Mo and second layer SS)

  • Solid model: Isotropic

  • Initial crack 30[mm]

  • Total length 100[mm]

  • Force applied at the edge from the top layer.Study>Step1: Stationary> Parameter( Force[range(0,1,300)] )

  • Fixed constrain (lower layer)

  • N_strength,S_strength(8%N_strength) , GIc and GIIc (8%GIc )from the experiment.

Desired Results

  • Plot Froce-Displacement

I have constrained the lower layer, so I just apply a force and i was expecting to get the maximum force and displacement when the peeling start.

    • Feature: Stationary Solver 1 (sol1/s1)
  • Failed to find a solution for all parameters, even when using the minimum parameter step.
  • Undefined value found.
  • Undefined value found in the equation residual vector.
  • Returned solution is not converged.
  • Not all parameter steps returned.

Do you have any ideas about improving the model?

Thank you for your help.

Roger Ona



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