Issue regarding coupling piezoelectric and Fluid surface interaction

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I am trying to simulate piezo actuated valve. I am having some problems with couplaing piezo and fluid surface interaction. I have used moving mesh for fluid domain however, the fluid domain does not seem to move according to the structural deformation (caused by piezo). I have used fully coupled along with iterative solver. However, I seem to get this error.

  • Feature: Stationary Solver 1 (sol6/s1) Undefined value found.
    • Detail: Undefined value found in the equation residual vector. There are 218 degrees of freedom giving NaN/Inf in the vector for the variable comp1.spatial.u. at coordinates: (-0.00045691,-0.0002), (-0.000503455,-0.0002), (-0.000410365,-0.0002), (-0.000496554,-0.000191171), (-0.000451259,-0.000190817), ...

There are 218 degrees of freedom giving NaN/Inf in the vector for the variable comp1.spatial.v. at coordinates: (-0.00045691,-0.0002), (-0.000503455,-0.0002), (-0.000410365,-0.0002), (-0.000496554,-0.000191171), (-0.000451259,-0.000190817), ...

Can someone please let me know what could be the problem?

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Hello Shrutika Agarwal

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