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Integrating over Poynting vector

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Hi, I'm using wave optics module to compute reflection from surface, as a function of reflection angle, in 2D. I have a port on slit condition emitting 10 W/m TE field (0 0 1). I'm integrating using integration coupling operator over the Poynting vector normalized by the input power (P0), on a distance not too far from it. intop1(sqrt(ewfd.Poavx^2+ewfd.Poavy^2+ewfd.Poavz^2))/P0

While some of the energy does not pass the integration line (it's the same length as the port), the result I am expecting is still near 1. However, I'm getting a result much smaller (1e-3). What Should I change to correct this? The integration line does capture most of the wave.


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