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solver sequences

Asal Bidarmaghz
Hi, I am simulating fluid flow and heat transfer in a cylindrical pipe.
what i need is a very long term simulation (i.e., 25 years) and I am using pipe flow module which assumes the pipe and 1D and the heat transfer module which assumes the other domains (ground) as 3D domain.
I want to do use a stationary sover and solve for fluid flow (pressure and velocity would be the outcomes) and as these two parameters do not change much with time I solve the solution and use them as initial condition for my transient heat transfer in a time dependent solver.
this used to work in the normal turbulent flow module (3D) but as I switched to pipe flow module (nipfl) it looks like it does not work and two steps are not linked at all.

your help is much appreciated.


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Hello Asal Bidarmaghz

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