Development of a Multiphase, Multispecies Droplet Evaporation Model for Optimization of Desiccation Preservation Techniques

A. Sinkevich[1], S. Bhowmick [1], M. Raessi[1]
[1]University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA, USA
发布日期 2013

Biopreservation deals with the protection and storage of complex biologics such as proteins, lipids, and recently, mammalian cells. One preservation method, known as lyopreservation, involves placing a biologic inside a water droplet with some type of sugar excipient (sucrose, trehalose, etc.) and drying the solution convectively. We are currently developing a model that couples the two-phase laminar flow (phase field method), transport of diluted species, and heat transfer interfaces to capture the essential transport phenomena during the desiccation process. Once validated, the final model will lead to more complete understanding of the thermophysical state around the biologic within the drop during desiccation. This will lead to optimizing desiccation protocol for biopreservation techniques.