Interactions Between the RF-field and a Stereotactic Frame during MRI, a 3D Study

Eriksson, O., Kjäll, P.
University of Uppsala, Sweden

Stereotactic frames are used during surgical interventions in order to localise and, with high accuracy and precision, help the surgeon to reach a target in the brain. By using an image modality, e.g. MRI or CT, the target can be localised and its coordinates determined prior to the surgery.

Previous phenomenological and experimental studies of the Leksell® Coordinate Frame during 3T MRI showed a potential temperature increase at the tip of the screws for some 3T MRI pulse sequences. This resulted in a modification of the fixation posts. A bushing that insulated the screws from the fixation posts reduced the temperature increase to a minimum.

As a complement to the experimental investigation, this study presents a computer simulation of the temperature increase phenomena based on the finite element method (FEM).