On the Simulation of Electromagnetic Forming Process of a Tube using Multiphysics Software

S. Gawade[1], P. P. Date[2], and S. B. Sharma[1]
[1]Production Engineering. Dept. SGGS IE&T, Nanded, India
[2]Mechanical Engineering. Dept, IIT, Bombay, India

Electromagnetic forming (EMF) is a typical high speed forming process using the energy density of a pulsed magnetic field to form workpieces made of metals with high electrical conductivity like e.g. aluminium. This forming process can be very advantageous as compared to conventional forming process.

EMF process is simulated by a commercial finite element analysis (FEA) solver, COMSOL Multiphysics to predict the formability, reduction in wrinkling, and better distribution of strain. Also, the validated COMSOL model should be able to predict deformation at energy levels that cannot be achieved within safe operating limits of the equipment used presently, but can serve as a guide for next generation equipment.