COMSOL 4.2 Update 3

Released August 18, 2011.

This update corrects several bugs and stability issues in COMSOL 4.2. The update is cumulative; that is, it applies to COMSOL 4.2, COMSOL 4.2 Update 1 and COMSOL 4.2 Update 2. The update includes all updates from the previous Update 1 and Update 2. Update Details.


Check your version

Make sure that you run COMSOL version or later. On the Help menu, click About COMSOL Multiphysics to check your version. If you have an earlier build number, contact your COMSOL sales representative to get the official release of COMSOL 4.2 before you proceed.

Download Update

Bullet Windows comsol_4.2.0.228_win.exe 39.9 MB
Bullet Linux 46.6 MB
Bullet Mac OS X comsol_4.2.0.228_mac.dmg 43.3 MB

If you have a license for the Structural Mechanics Module, download also the additional update for this module (no changes since update 2)

Bullet Windows comsol_4.2.0.187_sme_win.exe 15.3 MB
Bullet Linux 15.1 MB
Bullet Mac OS X comsol_4.2.0.187_sme_mac.dmg 15.2 MB

If you have a license for LiveLink™ for MATLAB®, download also the additional update for this product (no changes since update 2)

Bullet Windows comsol_4.2.0.187_mli_win.exe 242 KB
Bullet Linux 100 KB
Bullet Mac OS X comsol_4.2.0.187_mli_mac.dmg 125 KB

If you have a license for LiveLink™ for SolidWorks®, download also the additional update for this product

Bullet Windows comsol_4.2.0.228_llsw_win.exe 2.3 MB


Before you proceed with the installation, make sure to exit any running COMSOL process.


Run the downloaded .exe-file to extract the update to the COMSOL 4.2 installation directory, for example C:\COMSOL42.


Copy the downloaded .zip-file to the COMSOL 4.2 installation directory:

cp [installdir]/comsol42

where [installdir] is the root of the installation, for example /usr/local. Unzip it by the commands:

cd [installdir]/comsol42
unzip -o

If you have not disabled SELinux, run the following command:

chcon -t textrel_shlib_t [installdir]/comsol42/lib/[platform]/lib*

where platform is glnx86 or glnxa64.


Double-click the downloaded .dmg file to mount the disk image. In the Finder, open the mounted disk and double-click the COMSOL installer icon. Select your COMSOL installation folder, usually called COMSOL42.

Check your installation

  1. Start COMSOL Multiphysics.
  2. On the Help menu, click About COMSOL Multiphysics.
  3. Check that the version number is (If not, the installation did not succeed).

Update Details for Update 3


  • Corrected volume arrow plots for principal stresses.
  • Data export using grid now works as expected when running client-server.
  • Resolved several compatibility problems when running COMSOL on Mac OS X Lion.
  • Improved performance when running COMSOL on clusters.
  • External process node is now automatically selected when running batch or cluster.
  • Corrected error that could occur when selecting values of variables not solved for.
  • Corrected errors with functions using unstructured interpolation.
  • Importing several GDS layers in a single work plane import feature now works as expected.
  • Corrected error with virtual geometries that could occur in shell models.

Heat Transfer Module

  • Corrected error with SOR Line iterative solver that could occur when solving a Heat Transfer problem that follows a frequency-domain AC/DC or RF simulation
  • Convective Cooling feature has been corrected to multiply by thickness in Out-of-plane heat transfer.

Structural Mechanics Module

  • Selecting Show default solver no longer returns an error when using multiple physics interfaces in a single study.
  • Default plots are now added when using the Plate interface.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

  • Calculation of binary diffusion coefficients in the Reaction Engineering interface has been corrected.
  • Corrected memory leak that affected the Diluted Species interface for models with many species.

CFD Module

  • Thermal insulation feature for the High Mac Number Flow interface has been corrected.

Batteries & Fuel Cells Module

  • Electrolyte and Electrode features in the Tertiary Current Distribution, Nernst-Planck interface have been corrected.

Plasma Module

  • Updated the LXCAT parser.

CAD Import Module

  • It is now possible to do CAD Import on Mac OS X Lion.

Update Details for Update 2


  • In Reports, node properties are now output for feature nodes of the following types: Geometry, Physics, Mesh, Study, and Solver.
  • Physics-induced mesh is no longer always rebuilt when running COMSOL on a cluster.
  • Go to Source button now always take the cursor to the correct node.
  • Removing a Point Probe Expression no longer returns an error.
  • Improved GUI Stability on Mac OS X when selecting from lists in tables.
  • Renamed Adjacent selections now correctly appear with the new name when making selections of solutions.
  • Saving recovery files now works as expected on clusters.
  • Improved performance for geometry creation and split operation.
  • Fixed NullPointerException that occurred when deleting a plot that has been exported.
  • Corrected text formatting in error and warning text.
  • Improved performance for cluster computing.
  • Added some missing context help.
  • COMSOL does not ask for saving the model unless an actual change has been made.
  • Various stability improvements.

Acoustics Module

  • Combining Boundary Mode Aeroacoustics with Transient Aeroacoustics with Flow now works as expected.

Heat Transfer Module

  • Improved stabilization for 1D out-of-plane Heat Transfer.

AC/DC Module

  • Improved handling of fields with empty expressions.

LiveLink™ for SolidWorks®

  • ***Improved associativity for the One Window Interface.
  • ***Switching between the document in SolidWorks® and the COMSOL model now works as expected.
  • ***Improved stability when starting the analysis.
  • ***Clicking Cancel when saving now works correctly.

Batteries & Fuel Cells Module

  • Porous electrode reaction now always allow for cs_surface as a model input for using electrode potentials from the Materials node.

RF Module

  • Coaxial and Lumped Ports now works as expected with all unit systems.
  • Corrected issues with Transient Electromagnetic Waves and Boundary Mode Analysis.
  • Added context help for the Far Field Domain feature.

Structural Mechanics Module

  • Corrected Total Strain for shell elements.
  • **Corrected documentation.

Subsurface Flow Module

  • Corrected handling of initial values for Poroelasticity

LiveLink™ for MATLAB®

  • *Corrected errors in mphint and mphmesh.

Microfluidics Module

  • Corrected Diffuse flux and Outgassing wall boundary condition for axisymmetric models.
  • The Non-Newtonian power law and the Non-Newtonian Carreau model for non-Newtonian flow are now available for users with a license for the Microfluidics Module.

CFD Module

  • The Inlet Mass flow boundary condition now works as expected.

* = Included in additional update for LiveLink™ for MATLAB®.

** = Included in additional update for the Structural Mechanics Module.

*** = Included in additional update for LiveLink™ for SolidWorks®.

Update Details for Update 1


  • Prescribed Mesh Displacement and Prescribed Mesh Velocity now works correctly for all available coordinate systems.
  • Moving Mesh interfaces now works correctly for models with multiple geometries.
  • Frame type setting is now available in all physics interfaces.
  • Corrected handling of curl elements for axi-symmetric models using the General Form PDE interface.
  • Improved check for updates.
  • Lock aspect ratio now works as expected also for image export.
  • Software rendering now also works on Windows XP 32 bit.
  • The Report Generator has been updated and extended to include reporting of all applicable model-object classes. The HTML output has been improved and extended in several ways, for example, by the addition of physics equations.

Heat Transfer Module

  • Corrected the Thermal Insulation boundary condition in the Non-Isothermal Flow interface.

Batteries & Fuel Cells Module

  • Corrected equations for the Porous Electrode feature.
  • Added missing Batteries & Fuel Cells material library.
  • Eliminated unexpected error that could occur when searching in the Help window.

Structural Mechanics Module

  • Applied Moment now works correctly for the Rigid Connector feature.

Microfluidics Module

  • Corrected the Pump speed boundary condition.

CFD Module

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction with turbulence interface now sets up stabilization correctly.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

  • Default boundary condition is now added automatically when using the Surface Reactions interface.