COMSOL 4.3 Update 2

Released August 23, 2012.

This update corrects several bugs and stability issues in COMSOL 4.3. The update is cumulative; that is, it applies to both COMSOL 4.3 and COMSOL 4.3 Update 1 and includes all updates from the previous Update 1. Update Details.

We recommend that you reapply the software update after installing new add-on products to an existing COMSOL 4.3 installation.


Check your version

Make sure that you run COMSOL version or later. On the Help menu, click About COMSOL Multiphysics to check your version. If you have an earlier build number, contact your COMSOL sales representative to get the official release of COMSOL 4.3 before you proceed.

Download Update

Bullet Windows comsol_4.3.0.233_win.exe 71.1 MB
Bullet Linux 85.8 MB
Bullet Mac OS X comsol_4.3.0.233_mac.dmg 84.9 MB

If you have a license for LiveLink™ for SolidWorks®, download also the additional update for this product

Bullet Windows comsol_4.3.0.184_llsw_win.exe 1.0 MB

If you have a license for LiveLink™ for Inventor®, download also the additional update for this product

Bullet Windows comsol_4.3.0.184_llinv_win.exe 546 KB

If you have a license for LiveLink™ for Pro/ENGINEER®, download also the additional update for this product

Bullet Windows comsol_4.3.0.184_llpro_win.exe 20.2 MB

If you have a license for LiveLink™ for Creo™ Parametric, download also the additional update for this product

Bullet Windows comsol_4.3.0.184_llcreo_win.exe 25.8 MB

If you have a license for LiveLink™ for MATLAB®, also download the additional update for this product

Bullet Windows comsol_4.3.0.233_mli_win.exe 418 KB
Bullet Linux 11 KB
Bullet Mac OS X comsol_4.3.0.233_mli_mac.dmg 46 KB


Before you proceed with the installation, make sure to exit any running COMSOL process.


Run the downloaded .exe-file to extract the update to the COMSOL 4.3 installation directory, for example C:\Program Files\COMSOL\COMSOL43.


Copy the downloaded .zip-file to the COMSOL 4.3 installation directory:

cp [installdir]/comsol43

where [installdir] is the root of the installation, for example /usr/local. Unzip it by the commands:

cd [installdir]/comsol43
unzip -o

If you have not disabled SELinux, run the following command:

chcon -t textrel_shlib_t [installdir]/comsol43/lib/[platform]/lib*

where platform is glnx86 or glnxa64.


Double-click the downloaded .dmg file to mount the disk image. In the Finder, open the mounted disk and double-click the COMSOL installer icon. Select your COMSOL installation folder, usually called COMSOL43.

Check your installation

  1. Start COMSOL Multiphysics.
  2. On the Help menu, click About COMSOL Multiphysics.
  3. Check that the version number is (If not, the installation did not succeed).

Update Details for Update 2

COMSOL Multiphysics

  • Corrected display of results tables for parametric sweeps.
  • Fixed mesh generation errors that could occur when resolving small domains or when measuring faces.
  • Corrected handling of scale factor for deformed shape plots.
  • Improved stability and backward compatibility.
  • Improved stability in SOR solver.
  • Fixed problem with the dogleg solver that could prevent the solver from completing.
  • Improved stability in the report generator.
  • Corrected adaptive mesh refinement for time-dependent 1D models.
  • Moving a results feature node now gives a correct Java history.
  • Corrected selection handling for models with more than one Particle Tracing interface.
  • Corrected error in the eigenvalue solver that could cause COMSOL to shut down.
  • Parametric lines and surfaces can now be evaluated for more than one solution number.
  • Fixed error that could cause COMSOL to become unresponsive during interactive evaluation in the graphics window for a plot group that contains a Max/Min marker plot.

AC/DC Module

  • Tensor components for relative permeability are now displayed correctly.
  • Boundary conditions now include selection of coordinate systems when applicable.
  • Revolution data sets are no longer created for planar 2D models.
  • Corrected the norm of the magnetic field in the 2D Magnetic Fields interface.
  • Global matrix evaluation for ports and terminals now displays correctly in all cases.
  • Axisymmetric 2D models solving for magnetic fields now work correctly also when solved on a moving mesh.

Acoustics Module

  • Corrected Radiation boundary condition in the Aeroacoustics, Transient interface.

CAD Import Module

  • Corrected bug in the STEP (.stp, .step) file import that could cause COMSOL to become unresponsive.

CFD Module

  • Improved user interface for Two-Phase Darcy’s Law.
  • Improved stability when changing turbulence model in fluid flow models.
  • Corrected handling of sliding wall condition in two-phase flow models.

LiveLink for Matlab

  • Corrected failed to evaluate expression error that could occur when using the mphint2 function.
  • Improved the mphinterp function to handle extraction of data on shells when no domain is defined.
  • Improved mphsearch to handle tags containing dots correctly.

Heat Transfer Module

  • Corrected the highly conductive layer boundary condition in the Conjugate Heat Transfer interface.
  • Corrected radiation formulation for the case of Opaque Surface and Surface-to-Surface radiation being defined on the same boundary.
  • Corrected postprocessing of flux variables on wall boundaries adjacent to fluid domains with low-Re turbulence models.

MEMS Module

  • Thin-Film Damping now displays the correct physics symbol.

Nonlinear Structural Materials Module

  • Corrected error that could occur when the stress is identically zero somewhere after some part of the structure has entered the plastic regime.

Particle Tracing Module

  • Correct equation display for Hamiltonian particle tracing.

Pipe Flow Module

  • Corrected the surface roughness value for Drawn Tubing and some other materials.
  • Models using the Pipe Flow interfaces now work also with user-defined names for dependent variables such as temperature.
  • Corrected an error that could occur when modeling T-junctions.
  • Added equation display for Water Hammer and Pipe Acoustics, Transient.

RF Module

  • Improved stability.
  • Corrected expression for the norm of the surface current density.
  • The S11 scattering parameter now displays correctly for all phases.
  • Models using refractive index now work correctly also in the time domain.

Structural Mechanics Module

  • Periodic boundary conditions with cyclic symmetry and Floquet periodicity in the Pressure Acoustics interface now require a license for the Acoustics Module.
  • Corrected problem the Floquet periodic boundary condition introduced in COMSOL 4.3 Update 1.
  • Added equation display for Exterior Shell, Interior Shell and Uncoupled Shell.

Update Details for Update 1

AC/DC Module

  • Corrected boundary current source in Electric Currents, Shell.
  • Several corrections in GUI and Postprocessing.
  • Corrected the Maxwell stress tensor for frequency-domain models.
  • Corrected the Multiturn Coil resistance definition for time-dependent models.

Acoustics Module

  • Corrected handling of density in the Aeroacoustics with Flow interfaces.

Batteries & Fuel Cells Module

  • Corrected Plot Group definitions for electrode kinetic variables.

CFD Module

  • Corrected stabilization for Mixture Model to ensure mass conservation.
  • Several GUI stability improvements.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

  • Changed default Feed stream temperature from 0 to 293.15 K.

Heat Transfer Module

  • Several stability improvements.

MEMS Module

  • Infinite elements in the Electromechanics interface no longer require a license for the AC/DC Module.
  • Several stability improvements.

COMSOL Multiphysics

  • Improved stability and GUI performance.
  • Corrected the Modal solver to handle damping correctly.
  • Automatic remeshing with geometric multigrid now works correctly.
  • Material properties from User-defined material property groups now show symbols.
  • Corrected coordinate names shown in spatial coordinates table header in 2D.

Nonlinear Structural Materials Module

  • Improved stability.

Pipe Flow Module

  • Several stability improvements.
  • Volume force feature in 3D is now displayed correctly.
  • Flow resistance models for the Water Hammer interface now work correctly.

RF Module

  • Corrected the Maxwell stress tensor in the Electromagnetic Waves interfaces.
  • It is now possible to couple a 0D physics interface (such as Electrical Circuit) to boundary mode analysis models.
  • Corrected interface and improved stability.

Structural Mechanics Module

  • Corrected several discrepancies when using a non-zero phase variable.
  • Several stability improvements.

LiveLink™ for SolidWorks®

  • Several stability improvements and corrections for the bidirectional and the One Window interfaces.

LiveLink™ for Pro/ENGINEER®

  • Corrected stability issue that caused Pro/ENGINEER® to shut down when selecting COMSOL Parameter selection on a sketch feature.
  • Corrected ordering of parameter names.

LiveLink™ for MATLAB®

  • mphinterp now operates correctly also on a Cut Line data set based on a revolve 3D data set.

LiveLink™ for Inventor®

  • Parameter selections now also work on Windows XP.

LiveLink™ for Creo™ Parametric

  • Corrected stability issue that caused Creo Parametric to shut down when selecting COMSOL Parameter selection on a sketch feature.