COMSOL 4.4 Installation Instructions for Mac OS X®

Released October 17, 2014.

This document describes how to apply a COMSOL 4.4 compatibility update for Mac OS X® 10.10. If you already have installed COMSOL 4.4 Update 2 on Mac OS X® 10.10, you can proceed to the Updating COMSOL 4.4 Update 2 section.

Installing COMSOL 4.4 Update 2

Before installing COMSOL 4.4 Update 2, make sure that the Java® 1.6 JRE or later is installed on the system. Java can be downloaded from

If for some reason the Java installer fails, you can install Java manually by following the instructions:

  1. Navigate to and click on the JRE download link (both Java® 7 and 8 should work).
  2. Accept the license agreement.
  3. Download the version for Macintosh in .tar.gz format.
  4. Start a terminal and navigate to the directory which contains the downloaded file.
  5. Unpack the file by running tar xvzf <file name>.tar.gz.
  6. A directory should appear containing the JRE.
  7. Put the JRE home directory first in the PATH variable by running export PATH=<full path to the containing directory>/<java directory>/Contents/Home:$PATH (for example export PATH=/Users/username/Downloads/jre1.7.0_67.jre/Contents/Home:$PATH).
  8. Set the JAVA_HOME variable to point to the JRE home directory by running export JAVA_HOME=<full path to the containing directory>/<java directory>/Contents/Home (for example export JAVA_HOME=/Users/username/Downloads/jre1.7.0_67.jre/Contents/Home).
  9. From the same terminal run the setup script in the COMSOL 4.4 Update 2 installation root directory and proceed with the installation.
  10. Once the installation is complete, you can remove Java since it won’t be needed anymore.

Updating COMSOL 4.4 Update 2

Download Update

Bullet COMSOL44_osx1010.tar.gz 81.6 MB

  1. Download the COMSOL44_osx1010.tar.gz file from the link above. If you are using Safari, the default download directory is the Downloads directory inside your Home directory. Please note that Safari also by default unpacks .tar.gz files into .tar so the downloaded file becomes COMSOL44_osx1010.tar (losing the “.gz” suffix).
  2. Open Finder and go to your Downloads directory and right-click (or hold Ctrl and left-click) COMSOL44_osx1010.tar and select "Copy COMSOL44_osx1010.tar".
  3. Using Finder, navigate to where you installed COMSOL 4.4. Update 2. The default location is
  4. Inside the COMSOL 4.4 installation directory paste COMSOL44_osx1010.tar by right-clicking (or hold Ctrl + left-click) and selecting "Paste Item".
  5. Open Launchpad and search for "Terminal".
  6. Open a terminal and change directory to your COMSOL 4.4. Update 2 root installation directory by running the command cd /Applications/COMSOL44. If you installed COMSOL to a different directory, you need to change "/Applications/COMSOL44" in the above command to your specific installation directory.
  7. In the same terminal enter the command tar xvzf COMSOL44_osx1010.tar.gz.
  8. The patch will be applied. You can now safely remove the file COMSOL44_osx1010.tar by running the command rm COMSOL44_osx1010.tar
  9. You should now be able to run COMSOL 4.4 on Mac OS X® 10.10 and later versions.