What coordinates does model.result().numerical().getCoodinates() return?

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I use the COMSOL API to evaluate some expression. For this, I use a dataset that I have successfully computed in COMSOL (Solution 16, Tag: dset5). It is uploaded below.

My syntax is:

extract_w = model.result().numerical().create("disp_field", "Eval") extract_w.set("data", "dset5") # data set used for evaluation extract_w.set("unit", "um") # set units for evaluation

extract_w.set("expr", ["w", "dtang(w, x)"]) # set expression for evaluation

n_data_points = extract_w.getNData() # number of data points in data set node_point_coordinates = extract_w.getCoordinates() # what does this return??

My question is: What coordinates does the method getCoordinates() return? I checked and it's not the mesh coordinates. How are these coordinates selected?

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