Excimer Laser-Annealing of Amorphous Silicon Layers

J. Förster, and H. Vogt
Institute of Electronic Components and Circuits
University Duisburg-Essen
Duisburg, Germany
发布日期 2011

A one-dimensional model of Excimer Laser-Annealing of amorphous silicon layers which are irradiated with a KrF excimer laser is described. For realisation, the application mode heat transfer in solids is used. The model predicts a melt threshold for the energy density of the laser of 88.5 mJ/cm^2. It also predicts a linear increase of the melt duration with a slope of approximately 625 (ns*cm^2)/J and a decrease of the onset time to melt from 28 ns down to some nanoseconds with enhanced energy density of the laser.

The simulations return a linear slope of 43 (µm*cm^2)/J for the melt depth with increasing energy density. All these results are in excellent agreement with the results of our previous Excimer Laser-Annealing experiments.