Launcher Design for Chemical Looping Combustion

F. Gao[1], D.W. Greve[1]
[1]Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
发布日期 2012

We report here on the use of the COMSOL emw (electromagnetic waves) module in the design of a microwave launcher. This launcher is to be used in a microwave Doppler sensor that is incorporated into a chemical looping combustion system. The launcher is designed in two steps. First, we determine the best mode for launching a wave into air from an overmoded cylindrical waveguide. he TE11 mode is desired for efficient launching from the cylindrical waveguide into the flow region. We then develop a transition from a coaxial transmission line to the cylindrical waveguide. Of three different designs, a taper launcher is best for efficiently coupling microwave energy from a coaxial line to the cylindrical waveguide.