Modeling of Rotating Magnetic Field Eddy Current Probe for Inspection of Tubular Metallic Components

T. V. Shyam[1], B. S. V. G. Sharma[1], K. Madhusoodanan[1]
[1]Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
发布日期 2014

Rotating Magnetic Field Eddy current technique is a promising technique for inspection of flaws in metallic tubular components. Three primary coils, 120 degrees apart in space, are excited with three phase current source, by virtue, a rotating magnetic field polarised in radial direction is generated. This radial field interacts with metallic tube and generates circulatory eddy currents which have the capability to interact with circumferential as well as axial oriented flaws. An array of pick up coils which are located on the outer tool body, where each pick up coil picks up signals from the circumferential sector of the metallic tube which is in the vicinity of the said pick up coil.