License Manager patch for COMSOL 5.2 Update 1

Solution Number: 1225
Title: License Manager patch for COMSOL 5.2 Update 1
Versions: 5.2
Categories: Installation
Keywords: License Manager, Flexnet


Based on requests from our users, we have decided to release a patch for the license manager for COMSOL 5.2 Update 1. This update includes license daemon binaries created with FlexNet version

For the upcoming COMSOL releases, this version of the license daemon binaries will be included with the installation files.

Please find the new files below - for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows, respectively - along with a new version of the License Administration Guide.

Updating the license manager

  1. Stop the license manager.

  2. Replace the old binaries with the newer ones. For OS-specific instructions, please see below.

  3. Restart the license manager.

Replacing the license manager binaries


  • Extract the zip file to the license directory, usually called C:\Program Files\COMSOL\COMSOL52\Multiphysics\license\win64


  • Copy the downloaded zip file to the COMSOL 5.2 license directory
    cp [licensedir]
    where [licensedir] is the license directory, for example /usr/local/comsol52/multiphysics/license/glnxa64.

  • Unpack it by the commands:

    cd [licensedir]


  • Extract the files from the zip file into the license directory, usually called /Applications/COMSOL52/Multiphysics/license/maci64.

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