COMSOL 4.0a Update

Released July 23, 2010.

This update contains several bug fixes for and stability improvements to COMSOL 4.0a.Update Details.


Check your version

Make sure that you run COMSOL version or later. On the Help menu, click About COMSOL Multiphysics to check your version. If you have an earlier build number, contact your COMSOL sales representative to get the official release of COMSOL 4.0a before you proceed.

Download Update

Bullet Windows comsol_4.0.0.993_win.exe 13.8 MB
Bullet Linux 16.5 MB
Bullet Mac OS X comsol_4.0.0.993_mac.dmg 17.5 MB

Download Optional add-on Update for the LiveLink for MATLAB Interface

Bullet Windows comsol_4.0.0.993_llml_win.exe 168 KB
Bullet Linux 30 KB
Bullet Mac OS X comsol_4.0.0.993_llml_mac.dmg 69 KB



Run the downloaded .exe-file to extract the update to the COMSOL 4.0a installation directory, for example C:\COMSOL40a.

If you have downloaded the optional update for the LiveLink for MATLAB Interface, you need to extract both of the exe files to the COMSOL 4.0a installation directory.


Copy the downloaded .zip-file to the COMSOL 4.0a installation directory:

cp [installdir]/comsol40a

where [installdir] is the root of the installation, for example /usr/local. Unzip it by the commands:

cd [installdir]/comsol40a
unzip -o

If you have downloaded the optional update for the LiveLink for MATLAB interface, unzip also this to the COMSOL 4.0a installation directory.

If you have not disabled SELinux, run the following command:

chcon -t textrel_shlib_t [installdir]/comsol41/lib/[platform]/lib*

where platform is glnx86 or glnxa64.


Double-click the downloaded .dmg file to mount the disk image. In the Finder, open the mounted disk and double-click the COMSOL installer icon.

If you have downloaded the optional update for the LiveLink for MATLAB Interface, repeat the above steps also for this file.

Check your installation

  1. Start COMSOL Multiphysics.
  2. On the Help menu, click About COMSOL Multiphysics.
  3. Check that the version number is (If not, the installation did not succeed).

Update Details

The periodic updates are cumulative, meaning the latest update contains all previous updates for version 4.0a. The contents of each update are listed below., Released July 23 2010

General Fixes

  • Improved ECAD import
  • Several fixes in the dynamic help system and help desk
  • Improved automatic scaling during solving
  • Manual setting of font sizes now works also for 3D plots
  • Various stability issues, and stray error messages have been fixed
  • If the error message Assertion Failure is shown, the original mph file is now preserved and can be opened again in the next session


  • Current source boundary conditions from models created in COMSOL 3.5a are now loaded correctly
  • Thickness is now included correctly when using the Electric Shielding boundary condition
  • Force Calculation in the Magnetic and Electric Fields interface has been corrected

Fluid Flow

  • Improved solver default settings for fluid problems
  • Mixture model, laminar flow now works correctly and shows no "failed to evaluate expression" error message
  • It is now possible to have multiple low-Re interfaces in the same model
  • Improved convergence with iterative solvers for turbulence problems

Heat Transfer

  • Stability issue when using radiation groups have been fixed

Radio Frequency

  • Lumped port boundary condition now works correctly in time-dependent studies
  • Corrected solver sequence for Microwave Heating
  • Loss tangent constitutive relation in the Electromagnetic Waves interface now works correctly

Piezoelectric Devices

  • Electric potential is now correctly solved for by default for eigenfrequency studies using the Piezoelectric Devices interface
  • When using the Terminal Feature with the Piezoelectric Devices Interfaces, the solution is no longer multiplied with the frequency.

Structural Mechanics

  • Solid Mechanics models with coordinate systems that use Rayleigh damping now work correctly

Batteries and Fuel Cells

  • Several improvements in formulations and implementations.

Update Details for the LiveLink for MATLAB Interface

  • The function mphplot now supports plot groups with a table plot
  • The function mphstart is added. mphstart can create a connection between an already running instance of MATLAB and a COMSOL server