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Allan Gomez, Chonbuk National University

The total interaction energy of colloids according to the Conventional Classic DLVO, Non-retarded Attractive van der Waals interaction and Repulsive electrostatic interaction energy, for a Sphere-Plate configuration of constant surface potential. Conventional because is subject to the limitations of the Derjaguin approximation, the equations were obtained from such approximation, and because the equations are broadly used in colloid science.
*Elimelech, Menachem, John Gregory, and Xiadong Jia. Particle deposition and aggregation: measurement, modelling and simulation. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2013.
*Hogg, R. T. W. D. W., To Wo Healy, and D. W. Fuerstenau. "Mutual coagulation of colloidal dispersions." Transactions of the Faraday Society 62 (1966): 1638-1651.

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