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Coupled Electro-thermal model (Using variable from one study step as input to another study step

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Hello all,

I am doing a coupled electro-thermal model in comsol. I solve the magnetic field with a stationary solver and the thermal with time-dependent. The coupling is some sort of weak coupling. In the variables, I define a variable X which is a function of normH. I solve magnetic field. I have the solution. When I plot normB and X, both looks reasonable. Now I use the variable X as an input boundary heat source in the 'heat transfer in solids' physics and solve the time-dependent. The solution converge but the result is equivalent to considering the boundary heat source = 0, meaning that the value of X is not taken into account.

I also tried to use the solution of the stationary as 'variables that are not solved for', in the time dependent solver, but the solution fails with an error: inconsistent initial values.

Is there any way to uses the variable calculated from the one solution to use as an input to the other solver?

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