COMSOL News 2022

In the 2022 edition of COMSOL News, we present the stories of people who are stepping up to meet the great challenges of our time. For instance, some are directly looking into the effects of climate change, such as researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute, who are modeling the viscoelastic forces that are reshaping Greenland's glaciers. Others, including teams at companies like Exicom and Bosch, are developing electric vehicle technology to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

You will also meet the team at Polar Night Energy of Finland, which has created a full-scale system that stores solar-generated heat for buildings inside a "battery" made from sand.

All of these teams are striving to craft a brighter future — and they are doing it with help from the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. Additional innovators you will meet in COMSOL News 2022 include:

  • Eden Tech, which has invented a wastewater treatment system made from recycled compact discs
  • Hellenic Cable, which has refined its techniques for modeling undersea cable designs to be more computationally efficient
  • JJR Acoustics, which is using system-level automotive simulations, as explained by cofounder Roger Shively in a guest editorial
  • Manufacturing Technology Centre, which empowers factory workers with a simulation-powered “digital twin” of their facility
  • MED Institute, which has developed new virtual tools for analyzing the safety of implanted medical devices

Check out these stories and more — including simulation images from the COMSOL® models that helped these organizations.