Multiphysics Simulation: An IEEE Spectrum Insert 2016

Industry experts explain how they harness COMSOL® software to create physics-based models to deliver on innovative product development in the latest edition of Multiphysics Simulation. Gain inspiration for your own development and research by reading about successful simulation-led product design. At companies such as GrafTech, researchers developed a detailed model of graphite heat spreaders and turned it into a simulation app for their sales team. Benefit from the brilliant simulation work by Konica Minolta that is increasing light output and efficiency in organic LED (OLED) systems.

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Topic Areas:

  • Thermal Management Simulation Apps
  • Wireless, Implantable Medical Devices
  • Laser Beam Welding
  • Acoustic Metamaterials
  • Virtual Product Development
  • Thermo-Optic Switch Design
  • 5G Simulation Apps
  • Surface Plasmon Modeling
  • Power Generation for Extreme Environments
  • Geometrical Optics Simulation

Cover image courtesy of Ingo Maurer.

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