Multiphysics Simulation Feeds Innovation

There are many reasons why organizations of all kinds choose to add multiphysics simulation to their R&D process. It often boils down to being able to innovate faster and at a lower financial cost. When engineering teams are looking to simulate real-world designs, devices, and processes, they need software that provides accurate results.

Introducing COMSOL Multiphysics®

Real-World Multiphysics Simulation Examples

Renewable Energy

Fluid flow through a Darrieus water turbine.

Physixfactor used simulation to adapt a Darrieus wind turbine for water use in the Netherlands. Live tests indicate that the new design will produce renewable energy in a fish-friendly manner.

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High-Voltage Cable Design

3D cable model.

NKT uses numerical modeling to investigate electromagnetic fields and calculate armor losses in 3D cable designs. Validation with experimental cable data shows that the results are trustworthy.

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Additive Manufacturing

A closeup view of an additive manufacturing simulation app.

Engineers at the Industrial Technology Research Institute reduced time and costs associated with the additive manufacturing process for a hybrid rocket engine injector part. How? By building a simulation app that predicts the laser powder bed fusion performance.

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Loudspeaker Development

Loudspeaker driver simulation.

When developing loudspeakers, testing ensures high sound quality and optimized designs. Multiphysics simulation software helps R&D teams at different companies run cost-effective and efficient tests virtually without compromising on accuracy.

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Rapid Prototyping

A tonpilz transducer model in red, white, and blue.

A team of engineers at Northrop Grumman uses multiphysics modeling to design, prototype, test, and verify new sonar system designs quickly — sometimes in one week.

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Building Physics

A close-up view of a compiled app for simulating the concrete casting process.

One of the world's largest cement suppliers helps contractors make informed decisions by providing them with a compiled simulation app so they can predict the outcome of the concrete casting process.

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