Chemical Reaction Under Highly Precise Microwave Irradiation

S. Fujii[1], Y. Wada[2]
[1]Chiba University, Chiba, Japan
[2]Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
发布日期 2013

Chemical reactions conducted under microwave irradiation have high reaction rates and high selectivity, but these reaction rates are not always reproducible. To achieve reproducibility, a solid-state microwave source with an ultra precise oscillator, high power amplifier module (HPA), and elliptical applicator is developed. This HPA has up to 141 W average power and generates pure 2.45-GHz sine signal. With these features, reproducible reactions can be conducted. We also demonstrated methanol decomposition as a solid-gas reaction with a Pd/C catalyst under microwave irradiation using this HPA and applicator. The reaction rate under microwave irradiation was more than three-fold of that under electric furnace heating.