Design Analysis of a Multi-Layered Cable Joint

V. Patil[1], I. Jain[2], G. Bhoye[2]
[1]Raychem Innovation Centre, India
[2]Raychem Innovation Center, India
发布日期 2019

Cable joints are used for insulation of open part joints of high-voltage and large-capacity power lines. Cable joint protects conductor joint against moisture, dust ingress along with mechanical and electrical protection. Cable joint material consist of the three different layers like inner most layer having conductive properties, middle layer would have semi conductive properties and outer layer is made up of the insulating layer. In this study, FEA analysis, using the Hyperelastic module of COMSOL Multiphysics®, has been carried out in order to simulate expansion of the EPDM cable joint upto 7 times to that of the original diameter and stresses/ pressure acting on joint can be predicted.