Electrophoretic Focusing and Navigation for Intranasal Target Drug Delivery

X. Si[1]
[1]Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
发布日期 2013

Direct nose-to-brain drug delivery circumvents the blood-brain-barrier and has multiple advantages over intravenous delivery. However, its application is limited by the extremely low delivery efficiency to the olfactory region. This study evaluated the feasibility of targeted drug delivery with electrophoretic forces in a 2D human nose model. COMSOL Multiphysics® AC/DC, CFD, and Particle Tracing Modules were used to simulate the effect of electric field arrangements, particle release position, and particle charge. It was observed that applying electrophoretic forces significantly enhanced the delivery efficiency to the olfactory region. Electrophoretic-guided delivery achieved dosages of two orders higher than that without guidance. Results of this study implicit the development of effective intranasal drug delivery devices with electrophoretic forces.