Investigating the Performance of Mechanically Ventilated Double-Skin Facades with Solar Control Devices in the Main Cavity

C. G. Galante[1]
[1]Newtecnic Ltd, London, England, UK
发布日期 2014

The use of ventilated facades may reduce the cooling and heating energy demands of the building. Double-skin facades (DSFs) belong to the wider group of ventilated facades and currently represent one of the most interesting and studied facade systems. The purpose of this study is to investigate the thermal behaviour and performance of a DSF being designed for a real project in the Middle East particularly looking at the following aspects:

  • Select appropriate construction materials
  • Estimate thermal performance in terms of U-value
  • Establish thermal loads on each structural element
  • Determine position and design of inlet and outlet
  • Determine the effect of the shading devices on fluid flow and temperature distribution