Melt Homogenization Improvement By Optimizing the Rotation Profile

J. Petit [1], V. Tabouret [1], B. Viana [2],
[1] ONERA, Chatillon, France
[2] IRCP/CNRS, Paris, France
发布日期 2016

During the last decades, mid-IR (3-12µm) laser sources have attracted attention due to their potential applications in different fields like infrared counter-measures (e.g: missile jamming) and remote chemical sensing. In this context, Onera has been working on the development of non-oxid materials and still is developing new crystals that allow to reach higher power and to extend the transparency range beyond 9µm. As the performance of a crystal is affected by its quality, the crystallization process was studied. The goal of this work is to model the influence of the simplest accessible parameter: the rotation of the crucible. We modeled the thermal environment, different rotation profile and their influence on the melt convections. Once the temperature is stabilized, a species distribution inhomogeneity is imposed, and the time necessary to restore the homogeneity is observed.