Modeling the Effect of Porosity on the Elastic Properties of Synthetic Graphite Using CT Scans and the Finite Element Method

G. Sowa[1], R. Paul[1], R. Smith[1]
[1]GrafTech International Inc., Parma, OH, USA
发布日期 2013

Predicting the physical properties and performance of carbon and graphite materials based on the microstructure of the finished material is a challenging endeavor. This paper discusses the process and workflow for measuring and analyzing the pore structure of graphite by combining advanced CT image technology with Simpleware’s ScanIP™ software. A stack of scanned CT images are imported into ScanIP™ and converted into a solid model. The images are further enhanced into a higher quality, analysis-ready mesh using Simpleware’s +FE Module. The enhanced mesh is now ready to be directly imported into COMSOL Multiphysics®. Using COMSOL, tensile stress-strain responses for three synthetic graphite samples of varying maximum grain size are simulated. The exact relationship between porosity and all properties remains an area of ongoing research.