Short-Circuit (SC) Analysis of a Trafo-Connector

R. Upasani[1], N. Pandey[1], I. Jain[1]
[1]Raychem Innovation Center, India
发布日期 2019

Transformer is an essential component used in electrical power distribution and transmission systems. A novel 4x1 Trafo connect (4 outgoings and 1 incoming) is designed by Raychem and analysed using COMSOL Multiphysics® . SC & tensile load analysis have been performed over LV transformer connector. Transient study is carried out to predict the performance of the connector. Short-circuit analysis is performed with MEF module of COMSOL Multiphysics®. The resultant electromagnetic forces were predicted by applying short impulse current, as per IS standard. Further, the stresses induced due to Lorentz force have been obtained, so that high stresses zones could be identified. Detailed FEA analysis of short-circuit test and tensile load test are carried out as per IEC standard and are validated with experimental results.