State of Charge (SOC) Governed Fast Charging Method for Lithium Based Batteries

F. Naznin[1]
[1]TVS Motor Company Ltd., Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India
发布日期 2013

The proposed State of Charge (SOC) governed fast charging method for secondary lithium based batteries charges a battery many times faster than the normal Constant Current-Constant Voltage (CC-CV) charging and reduces the side-effects generally accompanied by various fast charging methods. The proposed charging algorithm takes into account the varying internal impedance of the battery at different SOC levels and minimizes voltage fluctuations. The charging method has been demonstrated using a simulated lab test on a 3.72V lithium-ion cell from Navitasys and modeled using the Batteries & Fuel Cells Module along with the Events interface of COMSOL Multiphysics®. The experimental and modeling results were compared with other state-of-the art fast charging methods available in the literature.