Thermal Validation of Air Break Disconnector

H. Saiger[1], I. Jain[1]
[1]Raychem Innovation Center, India
发布日期 2019

Working performance of an disconnector is affected by maximum permissible temperature which is caused by the ohmic heat losses of & eddy current losses. Since experimental testing is expensive & time consuming, a 3D thermal analysis model of double break rotating blade (DBRB) 33 kV disconnector including electrical-magnetic-thermal coupled field simulation analysis is established for ensuring its safety and reliability. Thermal stability is analysed, by comparing the FEA results with experimental data, to test and certify that the temperature rise in the double break disconnector remains well within the threshold limit for safety of equipment in under normal operating condition. Extended methodology for 3D thermal analysis has been developed using COMSOL Multiphysics® for different ratings to reduce number of tests, to improve performance & to reduce cost for developing reliable design.