Traveling Plasma Wave Levitation of Objects Supported by Coanda Effect

R. Eisenschmid[1]
[1]OPTIMA pharma GmbH, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Electrostatically excited plasma waves can induce a “plasma wind” in the surrounding media or air. The lifted object has a shape of a flying saucer, just for better illustration. A travelling plasma wave propulsion requires a pre-ionized media around the surface and a travelling electrostatic field.

A simplified plasma model was used to set up an EFD (electro fluid dynamic) approach into a COMSOL Multiphysics® model. The pre-ionization of air and force on fluid was covered by just coupling the electric field as a volume force (drag or lift) to the fluid dynamics equations, here laminar flow Navier-Stokes equations.

Plasma Waves can move or levitate objects in a silent and clean way without any moving parts.